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Why Work At Moschners?
How Are We Different?
Here at Moschners Chartered Accountants, we are striving to create a new era 
of modern accounting, embracing all the future has to offer. So how are we different you ask?
Fresh Approach to Accounting
The accounting industry has always been one shrouded in tradition, most people have an idea in their head when they think of accounting, probably something along the lines of punching numbers into a calculator and large piles or paper sitting on desks to be worked through. However here at Moschners Chartered Accountants we are aiming to change that.

We are a team of young fresh thinkers who are always open to finding a better way to do things, this includes accounting. We are bringing accounting to the digital era. We operate in a paperless office and provide our services online to make visiting an accountant as easy as clicking a button.

Technology To Modernise Accounting

  • When I decided to start Moschners Chartered Accountants my goal was to create a company that challenges the current accounting industry through a modern, technological approach.
    Craig Moschner, Founder
Embracing Technology
We are very technology focused which helps us stand apart from our competitors. Through offering online video consultations, digital signatures, invoice collection services and excellent customer support, our clients can attend to their accounting needs right from their couch, a luxury of the modern era.

Always Growing
As a growing company, we are always changing and adapting how we do things. There is always room for fresh thinkers and new ideas. We don't ever want to become complacent with how we operate. This means we are always on the look out for talented individuals who are ready to learn and grow with us. 

Our Core Values

We value our people very highly as they are the most important assets of any company. They are involved in all aspects of the business so building a strong team of talented individuals is vital to a successful workplace. 

Technology is a major part of our modern company. We are always on the lookout for new technology that will assist us and our clients with their accounting needs. We want to make the task of 'going to the accountant' as easy as possible for our clients and we are achieving this through technology.
Moschners Chartered Accountants is a learning environment. We value education and hands on experience. We are always learning and developing our skills and experience as a team ensuring everyone has an opportunity to grow.

We aim to be professional at all times here at Moschners Chartered Accountants. We are striving to create a professional working environment for both our employees and our clients.
Why Join Our Team?
Client Exposure
We hope to offer prospective employees a great opportunity to get ahead in the accounting industry. You will be exposed to the different aspects of accounting, as we offer a very broad range of accounting services. You will get to work with a variety of clients from all a range industries and backgrounds. During your time here you will hopefully get to know what areas of accounting you enjoy most and we will do our best to support you in reaching your goals. Furthermore this is applicable to all types of roles offered at Moschners Chartered Accountants, we aim to provide broad training so you gain exposure to various aspects of the business operations in relation to your role. 

We also have some great staff benefits on offer to employees including competitive remuneration and promotion opportunities, regular staff events as well as free snacks & drinks.

Mentorship & Training
Education and Mentorship form an integral part of working at Moschners Chartered Accountants. As a growing company we understand the value of mentorship, and continual training. We offer the opportunity for our employees to grow alongside our company. We want to support you in your career and help you reach your goals. We do this through continual training and communication providing the opportunity for you to direct your career down the path you wish to go.

Culture & People
Culture is an important aspect in all workplaces, a good culture fosters good work which is something we at Moschners Chartered Accountants strongly believe in. There is a great bond between all the staff ensuring everyone feels welcome and accepted at work. We also have a strong focus on employee – employer communication to make sure each and every employee feels valued in their position and that there is always someone there to talk to when you need help. 

Hear From Our Team
Hear first hand from some of our current employees about their experiences working at Moschners Chartered Accountants.
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"My time currently working at Moschners Chartered Accountants has been very rewarding. The hands on experience is invaluable in aiding my education and growth as an accountant and employee. There is a great environment for learning and helping one another if we are stuck. It is about working together to find the right solution."
Kayla Court, Junior Accountant
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"Working at Moschners Chartered Accountants has been the perfect start to my career. As it is a growing company I have had the opportunity to be trained and gain experience in a range of tasks in areas such as administration, marketing and client management. This has provided a great foundation of skills and experience I can use to further my career. The team is full of friendly and welcoming people who are always happy to help out or answer a quick question which I think its really valuable ."
Emma Smith, Administrator
Application Process
Stage One

The first step is to apply for a role. The link at the bottom of this page will bring you to all of our available job listings. Please follow the application process and take your time to ensure all of your details are correct.

Stage Two
Phone Call

If you application looks promising you will likely receive a phone call. During this stage we will ask some preliminary questions to get a better understanding of who you are and how you could fit within the team.

Stage Three

If we are impressed with your application and phone call you will likely get offered an in-person interview. It is here we like to get to know you better and also allows for you to get a better understanding of us and the role. We recommend turning up five to ten minutes before your interview time to ensure we can start on time.

Stage Four
Reference Checks

After the interview we like to conduct reference check to hear some more about you from your previous managers and peers.

Stage Five

If you have made it through all the previous stages you will likely then receive a phone call with a job offer.

Stage Six
First Day

The last stage is your first day. We are all super excited to meet you and have you onboard.

Frequently Asked Questions
What if there are no current opportunities available?
We are always happy to hear from enthusiastic candidates even if there are currently no opportunities available to apply for. If you would like to register your interest in working at Moschners Chartered Accountants please feel free to send your resume and a brief covering letter to careers@moschners.com.au.
I want to work in accounting but I don't have a degree. Can I still apply?
We do encourage anyone interested in accounting to apply, we are open to taking on high school leavers, first and second year university students, TAFE students and individuals who have Australian public practice accounting experience.

Please know we do review each and every application that we receive so we strongly encourage all candidates to apply regardless of their situation.
How should I apply? Can I apply via email?
The best way to apply for any open positions would be to click on 'apply now' which will take you to all our current open job listings. From there you can follow the application process for the role you wish to apply for.

If you are just registering your interest and not applying for a specific role, sending your resume and cover letter to careers@moschners.com.au is preferred.
Do you keep past candidates applications on file?
Yes, we do keep past candidates information on file in most cases. If a similar or the same role happens to reopen we may reach out if you were a promising candidate. If you do not want to be considered for future roles or for your application to be kept please advise us during the application process.
I have applied for a job but I haven't heard anything back? 
We regularly receive large volumes of applicants for various roles advertised and so we cannot always respond to each applicant if they are unsuccessful in progressing to the next stage. 
Have another question not answered here?
If you still have questions that haven't been answered, feel free to get in contact with us via the form below and we will do our best to answer your questions.
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